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My Services

My Services

With our great outdoor Adventures, i am sure that you will find the adventure you are looking for with me. Take a look at some of the activities that you can have with me.  


Take one of our easy and low-elevation destinations or a conditioning hiking course with us where you can reach a summit. The courses are designed to teach and prepare the participants to challenge themselves and push their endurance.

Mountain Hiking

Our mountain hiking activities are exceptional! Some involve basic mountaineering tuition for beginners, while others are meant for those who already have some mountain skills.

Mountain biking

Would you like to try bike packing? Already have the gear to go on a mini adventure on your bike? I can guide you on. some easy routes in the Yorkshire `dales and Snowdonia

Guided walks

When you really want to learn about an area, go on foot. Hiking puts you closer to the land and its people, whether you're trekking in Nepal, Patagonia, or Europe. Side trips assist in breaking up the monotony and provide opportunities for cultural inquiry.